The Briner Mini


 - Briner - 3.5 qt vessel

 - Locking Plate & Lid

 - Instructions with basic Brine recipe and soaking times for the most popular types and sizes of protein 

Convenient size perfect for family portions.  Easily brine chicken pieces, wings, pork chops or loin medallions, a couple pounds of shrimp or calamari.

Makes a perfect gift for the foodie in your life!  

We Make Brining Easy!

The Briner completely resolves the #1 challenge to successful brining - floating food!   Our Patented design keeps food completely submerged in the brine solution.  A Simple design that is easy to use with consistently great results.  A must have in every foodie's kitchen.  No guesswork - beginners will brine like the pros.  Brine turkey, chicken, pork & seafood before you roast, smoke, grill, or fry to seal in moisture and add flavor. 

Used by professional chefs, restaurants, caterers, culinary schools, competition BBQ cooking teams and backyard chefs all over the USA & Canada.

The Briner Mini
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