The Briner - The Ultimate Turkey Brine Container



The Ultimate Turkey Brine Container! 


The Briner completely resolves the #1 challenge to successful brining - floating food!  Our Patented design has an internal locking system that keeps food completely submerged in the brine solution.  Simple design, easy to use & clean, consistently great results.  A must have in every foodie's kitchen.

Includes:  22 quart Vessel; Locking Plate; Snap Tight Lid; Instructions with brine table for most popular food types and sizes.  No guesswork.  Make great food the first time, and every time.

Holds whole turkeys up to 25 lbs, up to 4 whole chickens, several pork shoulders, up to 20 large fish filets.

Designed to fit nicely into a popular cube shaped cooler to be packed in ice if your short on frig space.

Made of high quality food grade plastic materials in the USA. 

Measures 15.75" tall, 12.50" dameter

The Briner - The Ultimate Turkey Brine Container
  • Item #: TB1101
  • Manufacturer: TurkeyTom Products, Inc.
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